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KA-BOOM!BOX is a Madison, Wisconsin band and DJ collective that distilled dub, pop, and electronica down to a funky core essence.

WHaT's NeXT: DJ Explosion at Mickey's Tavern, first Saturday of the month, 10:00pm. Always Free!

Homeward Into Howling Storms - 2 Disc Set (press release)(Review) Contact us for media.
Remix Hits:
Fifteen Degrees Fahrenheit
Back to the Surface Through Ten Feet of Ice
Inside the Frozen Maze
Underwater Escape Trick
Uneasy Dreams

The Ensemble
Christopher Robin plays Nord Lead 2 and sings.
DJ Eastside JDub mans the drum computers, samplers, and turntables.
newlow plays bass.

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Homeward Into Howling Storms Review
POP! Review from Isthmus and a nice review in Rick's Cafe
"Dub, reggae, homemade electronica meet pop...alluring mixes by Christopher Robin...a great live band to boot!"

Hear our interview on WORT's 8 O'Clock Buzz

The Pop! EP Tracks were cut at Coney Island Studio featuring Dan Bitney and Rodney Anderson. Available at MadCity Music Exchange and B-Side Records in Madison, or contact us here. Press release (pdf).
Sample Strange Girl.mp3 Web only StrangeDub remix.

Listen to basement tapes [MP3]
Lucky Star
Show Me The Way (Club Mix)
Haunted House